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Young Ambassador – Ganga

The world faces different kinds of situations everyday. Some are always devastating whereas most can be resolved with some hard work and unity. The Young Ambassador program taught me how to make head or tail of current conditions in today’s world. I am Ganga and I am 14 years old. I attended the Young Ambassador program in 2020 and learnt a lot about social development and the 17 UN goals. This journey helped me obtain a clear idea of basic rights and preservation of nature.

During the program we performed short projects such as ‘One bucket of Water a day’ and also donated food and other supplies to a nearby orphanage (helped them during COVID). Lastly we were asked to take up a bigger project that helps spread more awareness about one of the UN goals in our neighborhood or through the internet. The camp was very lively and informative. It was a thought implanting program for me. Since the time I finished the program, social responsibility thoughts have been instilled in me and I am trying to contribute in my own small way.

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