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Social Immersion

The objective of social immersion is to influence the key factors for social action and help youth develop awareness, get sensitized to various social causes, discover which cause they connect to, make a resolve to contribute and understand the paths available.

This highly activity-oriented program is for 10 hours and is spread across 2 days, fits very well into the orientation of the new batches or as a welcome break in between classes where they get to appreciate society and surroundings.

The following ADRP (Awareness, Discovery, Resolve, Path) framework articulates the objectives of the program clearly:


To sensitize students and create awareness about sustainable development and social issues around them and develop empathy and social responsibility.


To help youth appreciate their privileges, develop gratitude for what they have, and help them discover their interests, strengths, aspirations and connection to causes.


To help youth understand what is in for them and the larger society and inspire youth to make a resolve to contribute.


To offer path ahead to make a difference and develop skills, perspective and network in the process and provide a peek into career opportunities in social impact space.

Glimpses from the sessions

Activity to understand socio-economic and environmental challenges and opportunities around
Volunteering activity to create educational materials for out of school children
Student presentations on rural and social development case studies
Diversity & Inclusion sensitization – introduction to sign language
Students engrossed in an activity
Students making paper covers to promote reuse and reduce single use plastic

See program details in the brochure here.

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