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Integrated Curriculum

Objective of the program

Service Learning is an experiential program that combines learning objectives with community service, volunteering and social impact. These programs are integrated into the academic curriculum.

In addition to making a difference to society and developing better appreciation for the social issues, this program helps to develop:

• Empathetic managers

• Ethical & value driven management practices

• Professional skills & network

Structure of the program

The program designed to provide management students with AEIOU:

Awareness: To sensitize youth to the social challenges around them and develop empathy and social responsibility.

Exposure: To help youth appreciate their privileges, develop gratitude for what they have and appreciate varied constraints.

Induction: To help management students to understand different segments of society, appreciate managerial perspective to social challenges & application of skills & management techniques for large scale social, economic and environmental issues.

Opportunities: To offer opportunities to contribute, to work with non-profits, and hone their skills in the process.

Unlimited joy: To provide positive & long lasting experiences to youth to experience joy of giving.

These programs are experiential, impactful and fun at the same time.

These programs are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. The 17 Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015.

This provides a holistic view to the students from social, economic and environment perspectives.

The programs are offered in 3 distinct formats:

Sensitization workshops – experiential and impactful sensitization workshops of 1-3 hours to sensitize youth on various social causes and sustainable development goals.

Immersion – Immersive programs of 3-5 days with awareness and sensitization sessions, simulations, activities and exposure visits. Ideally suited during orientation of new batches.

Social projects – Distributed over 10-30 weeks or a time bound internship (as per academic calendar). Designed as on-field or virtual projects.

Messages from students that we treasure

Glimpses from immersion programs

Glimpses from social and grassroots management program facilitated for Dayanand Sagar Business School (DSBS), Bengaluru.

Social immersion program facilitated for ISBR Business School.

References of programs facilitated

Institute: Dayananda Sagar Business School

No. of students: 60

Duration: Four days social and grassroots management program integrated into curriculum. 

Mode: On-field

Institute: ISBR Business School

No. of students: 350

Duration: Year-long service learning social impact initiatives program integrated into curriculum.

Mode: Classroom and on-field

Institute: Cambridge Institute of Technology (MBA Department)

No. of students: 80

Duration: Every Saturday for 30 weeks

Mode: On-field and virtual

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