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Objectives of the program

No learning experience can replace the learning by doing. Young Catalyst for Sustainable Development is a structured program for the young adults in the age group of 16-24 years to work on a social project. Through this program, youth identify what they connect to and identify a social project to work on with the help of facilitators. These projects provide opportunity to develop professional skills along with making an impact.

Structure of the program

This is a 12 week program with initial four modules of group sessions to create awareness, provide exposure, help youth connect to what they care for and providing the basic professional tools and frameworks like Theory of Change and Project Management to implement a social project.

Post this, each participant chooses a live project to work on and is provided with structured planning, tracking, mentoring and peer reviews to achieve project objectives. The participant learns professional skills such as project management, problem solving and leadership.


Program Modules

Program structure

Types of projects

Mentioned below are some categories of project that the youth can take up. These projects could be in the form of a social project, research project, social entrepreneurship or social innovation for a problem. The actual project would depend on the participant’s interest, skill, location and availability.

Community Engagement: Engaging communities such as elders, kids, people with disability, with regular academic/ hobby classes and activities at schools/ care homes.
Infrastructure Revamp: Cleaning, revamping, painting, decorating civic spots/ classroom/ care homes/ animal shelters and the like.
Admin & Operations: Assisting non-profit staff for Admin/Operations in office, data gathering, documenting and process implementation.
Market Survey/ Awareness: Market survey, awareness drives for cause or products & services of non-profits.
Organization Development: Content development, social media management, impact assessment, research and other organizational and management projects.
Event Management/ Participation: Participating or helping organize a large scale event for a non-profit such as cause marathons, cleaning drives, fairs and the like.

On-field projects

Academic classes for students
Creating awareness about government schemes
Painting a government school

Virtual projects


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