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LetsTagOn is contributing to Covid19 relief efforts by partnering with various civil society organizations in their initiatives by providing volunteers mobilization and management support.

LetsTagOn is also part of the Young Warriors Coalition by UNICEF and youth can join hands as #YoungWarrior to this UNICEF’s campaign and earn activity points and certificate. Connect with us to organize orientation session in your institutes for this campaign.

If you are interested to volunteer and would like to know more, please share your basic contact details below. We will get in touch with you to guide you to the opportunity that matches your skills, interests, availability and location.

If you want to explore some of the opportunities, please check the listing on our digital platform Enter keyword ‘covid’ on the keyword search to find all related opportunities. These opportunities range from tele calling, counseling, design of communication, volunteer captains and simple actions you can take at self, community and national level.

If you are looking for more structured programs which can help you in the journey of social contribution and change making, check our service learning programs.

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